• Working from home Bill 2020

    County Tipperary Skillnet is providing this course for FREE to support businesses in the Tipperary region. Training will be delivered online by Optima Training & Consulting.

    Working from home Bill 2020- 13th April 2021- 11am-12noon- This short interactive course will give an overview of what the impending legislation will mean for businesses and the likely obligations we will have over the coming months.

    This Working from Home (Covid-19) Bill Live Webinar will provide participants with an update on what you can expect the proposed legislation will mean.

    Course Content

    • Introduction-Working from Home (Covid-19) Bill
    • Amendment of Terms of Employment (Information) Act 1994
    • Amendment of Organisation of Working Time Act 1997
    • The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 to certain employees working temporarily from home
    • Working from Home (Covid-19) Bill-Aims
    • Working from Home (Covid-19) Bill-Challenges
    • Q&A


    Date: 13th April 2021- 11am-12noon
    Delivered by: County Tipperary Skillnet
    Location: Online
    Cost: Free
  • Re-Imagining Tourism in Tipperary 2021

    Supported by Tipperary Tourism, Tipperary Local Enterprise Office and Tipperary County Council

    What you’ll get:
     5 Live Business Recovery Training Sessions to help strengthen your business.
     Ongoing and up-to-the-minute information through the Private Facebook Group for Tipperary Tourism.
     Resource Library with recordings of all trainings and additional tools and resources.
     A framework for co-operation with Tipperary Tourism.
     A way to work with other tourism operators to promote Tipperary even during Covid-19 restrictions.
     A shared map to help re-open as safely and profitably as possible.

    Schedule of Online Workshops via Zoom:
    Monday 15th March 2021, 11am
    Monday 22nd March 2021, 11am
    Monday 12th April 2021, 11am
    Monday 19th April 2021, 11am
    Monday 26th April, 11am

    This programme is being delivered by The Tourism Space on behalf of Tipperary Tourism, Tipperary Local Enterprise Office and Tipperary County Council
    This course is FREE to attend, please register to secure your place at the below link. 

    Date: From 15th of March
    Delivered by: Tipperary Tourism supported by Tipperary Local Enterprise Office and Tipperary County Council
    Location: Online
    Cost: Free
  • Fáilte Ireland Training Programmes

    While businesses remain closed Fáilte Ireland has tailored a series of supports and financial planning tools, which will equip you with what you need to make future decisions — enabling you to successfully navigate the challenges of the pandemic and providing support in a difficult time. Access the list of supports from here;

    Keeping employees engaged and upskilled through eLearning
    To support businesses and their workforces, Fáilte Ireland offers online self-directed eLearning training programmes designed to upskill and designed to motivate teams as part of Fáilte Ireland’s response to COVID-19.
    These short modular style programmes (each averaging 40 mins with an online assessment) can help businesses maintain staff engagement while they work remotely or operate reduced working hours.
    The Fáilte Ireland Learning Hub offers 15 short module programmes which are available to employees of all levels, from frontline to management across three specific learning categories:
    • Road To Recovery
    • Management
    • Operations
    Register here to find out more and qualify for free access to this training support for management and staff:

    Fáilte Ireland Refreshed Accredited Service Excellence Programme (ASE)
    The hub also hosts Fáilte Ireland’s eLearning Accredited Service Excellence (ASE) programmes updated to reflect the current COVID-19 environment including sector-specific programmes (Activities, Attractions and Transport).
    The updated 1.5 hour interactive programmes aim to empower staff with valuable insights, tips and guidelines on giving customers a highly positive and memorable experience. The programmes will also help show businesses how to create opportunities to drive revenue.
    Register here to find out more and qualify for free access to this training support for management and staff:

    Free resources to support your business to reboot and recover
    Now is the right time to review your revenue management and sales and marketing strategies; that way your business will be prepared for the new marketplace that will face us post COVID-19. Time invested in upskilling, website optimisation and rethinking your key segments – in terms of who best to target post-COVID-19 – will help your business to successfully relaunch when the time comes.
    There is a wealth of free, comprehensive supports available to businesses. We’ve created a list of those designed to help tourism businesses build their expertise in areas such as Digital Marketing, Management and Finance and more. The sections noted below will be updated regularly as we continue to add to new courses and resources scheduled for the coming months.
    Register here to find out more and qualify for free access to this training support for management and staff:

    The following webinars are specific dates targeted it at those who require strategic management and HR training. Please see attached file that refers to targeted training for the accommodation sector.


    Date: 2021
    Delivered by: Fáilte Ireland
    Location: Online
    Cost: Free
  • Women in Leadership

    Women in Leadership Development Training Programme

    This Leadership Development Training Programme will be delivered online by The HR Suite– HR Consultants and Employment Law Experts. Targeted at female leaders who want to improve their confidence and management skills and maximise their impact and productivity by doing the right things to add real value to their business.


    The programme consists of 3 x two-hour interactive tailored training sessions, when all 3 training modules are completed each participant will have a 1 hour one to one session with the HR Suite to help complete your personal development plan.


    Date: 12th, 14th & 19th May -3 x 2hrs -10am-12noon
    Delivered by: County Tipperary Skillnet
    Location: Online
    Cost: €259
  • Employment Law Update

    This 3 hour ‘Employment Law’ course 10am-1pm is suitable for any member of staff who is involved in the management of employees including business owners, managers, line managers, supervisors, HR and all members of management. The online course will be delivered by The HR Suite.


    On completion of this course participants will have an increased understanding of the requirements under employment legislation as an employer/manager. 


    Your Obligations

    • Contracts

    • Policies

    • Training 

    • Paper Trail

    • GDPR






    Date: Tuesday 20th April
    Delivered by: County Tipperary Skillnet
    Location: Online
    Cost: €49
  • Managing Conflict in Remote Teams

    Managing Conflict in Remote Teams

    Getting remote teams and individuals to consistently work effectively may be a challenging task especially when the remote working conditions are enforced by external forces such as COVID-19. Where some individuals and teams may find it easy to work remotely research is now showing us that there are significant numbers of people who find virtual or remote working extremely challenging. Conflict in remote teams may look and feel different from the familiar conflicts experienced in face to face working environments. Author & speaker Patrick Lencioni highlights ‘fear of conflict’ as one of the major dysfunctions of a team emphasizing the importance of using conflict to achieve productive rather than unproductive outcomes.

    The primary aim of this workshop is to identify the features, causes, and consequences of conflict or more specifically unchallenged conflict in remote teams.

    Date: Friday 16th April 2021-9:30am-12:30pm
    Delivered by: County Tipperary Skillnet
    Location: Online
    Cost: €39
  • Tourism Training Directory

    Tipperary Destination Recovery Taskforce recently undertook a training needs survey of the tourism sector in the county. The findings of this survey have been shared with our training partners and we are working together to ensure the training needs identified are met.
    Tipperary Local Enterprise Office, Tipperary ETB and County Tipperary Skillnet have developed a suite of high-quality training plans for the first and second quarter of 2021. The courses available reflect the needs identified in the training needs survey covering topics like Instagram and Facebook from beginners to advanced, Data Protection and Search Engine Optimisation to Customer Service and Tourism Visitor Care at QQI level. There is a training programme to suit every level and skillset, Please note these training programmes can book up very quickly so therefore it is best to book in advance directly from the training provider.

    Please click on link below for full directory of training in PDF format.

    Training for Tourism 2021 Directory 29032021

  • Tipperary Education and Training Board Courses

    All courses can be found at:

    Developing Leaders in Hospitality The aim of this programme is to equip learners with the ability to oversee the general daily operations of a hospitality establishment. This involves deputising in the absence of senior management, ensuring business policies and procedures are adhered to and supervising the efficiency of all processes within the hospitality establishment by proactively monitoring operations, guest and workplace safety and contributing towards business success.
    Business Management
    On completion of this module, it is expected that learners will be able to:
    1. Explore a range of organisations to include different organisation types, purpose, mission, vision and objectives and structures
    2. Investigate the internal environment of an organisation to include a SWOT analysis (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats)
    3. Analyse the impact of a range of external factors on an organisation to include a PEST analysis (Political Economic Social Technological)
    4. Examine the need to and various ways that organisations adapt to and manage change
    5. Explore the role of management within an organisation to include planning, organising, motivating, monitoring, review and control
    6. Evaluate a range of business management techniques and tools for planning, management control and measuring performance within a business organisation to include budgetary and non-budgetary forms of control and performance indicators
    7. Examine the difference between management and leadership and the impact of different management and leadership styles on group and individual performance within an organisation
    8. Appraise the role of human resources function and the human resource tools and techniques used to recruit, select and appraise employees and resolve conflict within an organisation
    9. Design a procedure for a management process within an organisation
    10.Design an appropriate workflow system for a business-related task to include documentation of the process, identification of responsibilities and expected outputs
    11. Compile a report on a management process to include a review and evaluation of the process
    12. Evaluate the performance of an individual or group within an organisation to include objectives and performance indicators
    Team Leadership
    1. Research the elements and stages of team development, to include different kinds of teams, a multi-team environment, the characteristics of an effective team and the need for different roles for individuals
    2. Evaluate the concepts of leadership and management, different leadership and management styles and the principal theories that underpin these, to include leadership in different contexts and environments such as mentoring, coaching, project management, the learning organisation and the debate over leadership versus management
    3. Participate in organisational planning and in teamwork planning, to include setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound SMART) objectives, ongoing monitoring of progress, and evaluation
    4. Distinguish between organisational strategy, objectives and goals
    5.Evaluate a range of current motivation theories and practical strategies to enhance motivation in teams
    6.Demonstrate team leadership, to include team building, supporting team members at different stages of team development, motivation strategies, interpersonal communications, time and meeting management and use of inter- and intra-team reporting structures
    7. Negotiate a plan or project with team members, to include effective delegation of tasks and responsibilities
    8. Lead progress on a work plan, to include taking corrective action to ensure successful completion of the plan, ongoing monitoring of progress, and evaluation

    Full details and application form are available from here:


    Food Safety

    311113 –  EHAI – Primary Certificate in Food Safety (Thurles) – 14/04/2021


    311116 –  EHAI – Primary Certificate in Food Safety Nenagh – 14/04/2021


    311117 -EHAI – Primary Certificate in Food Safety Clonmel – 26/05/2021


    This programme is a 1 day course and is open to anyone interested in achieving this certification. This course is Level 2 HACCP and the certificate is valid for 5 years.



    Jade Beason

    051 640 742

    320901 –  National Tour Guiding (Traineeship) Full-time Thurles

    The aim of this programme is to enable the learner to acquire the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to provide guiding and tour management services for tourists visiting and travelling in Ireland.
    This course will include
    6N20229 Irish Tour Guiding
    6N20230 National Tour Management
    6N20231 Irish Natural Heritage and Culture
    First Aid Responder (PHECC)
    Career Planning & Job Seeking Skills
    Work Placement


    Start Date            18/10/2021

    End Date              06/05/2022

    Duration              29 Weeks


    Recruitment 052 613 4333 or


    Book at:

    Delivered by: ETB
    Location: Online and Class Seminars
    Cost: Free
  • Trading Online Voucher Seminar

    Trading Online Voucher Seminar 13th April 2021

    From 10am to 12pm

    Programme Outline

    The Trading Online Voucher Scheme can help to fund your e-Commerce website. This webinar is a required step in the application process and it is best to attend before filling out an application form. Due to high demand, please note that priority will be given to Tipperary-based applicants, and only 1 booking per business will be accepted (please just book 1 place, but more than 1 person can sit in on the webinar if you can safely share a screen)

    Cost: Free


    Date: 13th April 2021
    Delivered by: LEO
    Location: Online
    Cost: Free
  • Twitter for Advanced Users

    From 9.30am until 12.30pm

     Program Outline

    The aim of this course is to ensure that participants will be successful in understanding their Twitter business page on a much more advanced level with regards to who their followers are and building demographic profiles of their followers. This is important to be mindful of when they are online, advertising strategies and to ensure that their social media objectives, communications and all promotions are engaging, personal, inspiring, useful/informative and relevant to their target audience and existing base of followers

    Date: 21st April 202
    Delivered by: LEO
    Location: Online
    Cost: €10
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising using Ads Manager

    From 10am until 12pm

    Outline of Programme

    This training course is designed to assist participants in creating a detailed Facebook & Instagram advertising plan and have the skills and tools to be able to implement and measure it.

    Outcome of Programme

    • Understand the online customer journey and have planned ad campaigns at each stage
    • Be aware of the importance of targeting warm/hot leads and how to achieve this within Facebook & Instagram
    • Know how to design and run a successful advertising campaign and be able to measure your ROAS (return on ad spend)

    New Procedures e.g. How and when to lodge import and export SADs, etc. New Licenses
    Depending on the industry in which the company is involved in, their issues may also be slightly different. For example, the food industry will have customs duty and border delays high on their agenda, the construction industry may also be affected by border delays, while textiles would be primarily impacted by high duty rates, and IT may have to consider Export Controls.

    The above is a very simplified explanation, as not alone does each industry experience each issue differently, but each company within those industries will be affected differently. For example, larger suppliers and customers will have more negotiating power on their supply chain compared to smaller suppliers and customers.

    Ultimately, however, importers and exporters will need to know how to move their goods through Customs in Ireland and the UK. Our course will enable companies to understand both Revenue rules in Ireland and HMRC rules in the UK. We will also cover the post Brexit simplifications being introduced by both Authorities and how to apply for these. We will also explain the operational requirements necessary to move goods through Customs.

    Specific modules will include:
    Understand how to start the import/export journey
    What is Customs?
    Background/role of Revenue/ HMRC
    Obtaining an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number
    Engaging a customs agent/understanding the customs system

    Date: 14th April 2021
    Delivered by: LEO
    Location: Online
    Cost: €10
  • Evolving Your Social Media Strategy & Content

    From 10am until 12pm

    Programme Outline

    At the end of the workshop(s) each participant will be able to develop and roll out an evolved social media content plan.

    Outcome of Programme

    • Understand the needs of your customers – what are their new pain points.
    • Why it is important to maintain your social media activity levels.
    • Review of existing content, what can be used and what needs to change/evolve.
    • Tips and technique of how to get noticed amongst all the Covid-19 noise.
    • Why going live now is more important than ever – planning a live stream. Equipment requirements.
    • Tool kit: a range of tools that will help with planning and scheduling social media content.
    • Case studies of businesses that have evolved their content for the benefit of their business and their customers.
    Date: 8th April 2021
    Delivered by: LEO
    Location: Online
    Cost: €10
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising using Ads Manager

    From 10am until 12pm and from 4th March from 10am until 12pm

    Programme Outline

    This training course is designed to assist participants in creating a detailed Facebook & Instagram advertising plan and have the skills and tools to be able to implement and measure it.

     Outcome of Programme

    • Understand the online customer journey and have planned ad campaigns at each stage
    • Be aware of the importance of targeting warm/hot leads
    • Know how to design and run a successful advertising campaign and be
    Date: 4th March
    Delivered by: LEO
    Location: Online
    Cost: €10
  • Developing an Online Business Strategy

    From 10am until 12pm

    Programme Outline

    The workshop will give participants practical information to help them create an online business strategy which is aligned and part of the core business strategies

    • Defining your website aims and objectives
    • An introduction to measurement metrics, and evaluation tools
    • An overview of digital marketing techniques and aligning them to achieving core business goals
    • Online Competitor analysis
    • Niche market development – local; national international
    • Website investment versus return
    • Overview of online tools to help manage your online business
    Date: 11th May 2021
    Delivered by: LEO
    Location: Online
    Cost: €10