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This local historical society can provide informed guided walks of the medieval walled town of Fethard for visiting groups.

The Tour of the Medievel Walled Town includes ; Town Wall battlements and North Gate. Holy Trinity Church (c.1200) and Augustinian Abbey (1305) – both still in daily use.

It also includes, The 1608 ALms House (Tholsel/Town Hall), Sile na Gig carvings and Heraldic memorials.

Note: Over 90% of the original 1.2 Km  of the Town Wall (begun in 1292) is still intact.


Duration of Tour:  1.5 – 2 hours.

Availability: Groups only. Can be anytime by appointment.

Cost: €5 per person, Minimum €100


Contact Number: 087 930 5232 / 087 900 9722