Put a Holiday Prize in our Tipperary Holiday Prize Bank for Promotional Use during 2024.

Boost Your Business Profile and Tipperary’s Tourism Profile.

Tipperary Tourism invites you to participate in our “Prizes for Profile” promotional campaign through our Holiday Prizes initiative. This is a chance to feature your business across various media channels and increase awareness about your offerings and the charm of holidaying in Tipperary.

Here’s How it Works

Provide a Prize via our Prize Bank: You provide a prize via the smartsheet link below and we will try and place it through one or more promotional channels.

Varied media Exposure: Your prize could be featured in a range of media channels, from national and regional outlets to various online and radio platforms. The level of exposure is likely to correlate with the value and appeal of the prize offered.

Your Control, Your Choice: We respect the uniqueness of each business and the prizes offered. That’s why you’ll always have the opportunity to review and approve the media placement of your prize. We will contact you should an opportunity arise and you will always have the option to decline any proposed placement, giving you full control over where your prize is placed.

No Guaranteed Placement: While we strive to secure the best possible exposure, we cannot guarantee the placement of all prizes received. Placement is always subject to the attractiveness and value of your prize will also play a role in its potential media placement.


Benefits of Participating:

Enhance Business Visibility: By contributing a prize, your business gains exposure to a wider audience, enhancing your visibility and appeal.

Shared Growth: We aim to mutually benefit – your participation helps promote Tipperary as a prime holiday destination while bringing attention to your offerings in this context.


Types of Prizes

We’re inviting contributions of any appealing prizes. Ideal prizes include short breaks (like Bed & Breakfast or Dinner Bed & Breakfast packages) for couples or families, which are particularly effective in attracting interest across various media channels. Additionally, we welcome dining experiences, attraction tickets, and activity experiences, suitable for promotion on social media and other platforms depending on their value. Your participation will play a key role in boosting Tipperary’s tourism appeal and highlighting your business.


How to Participate:

Submit Via Link Below: Offer a nice prize that represents the essence of your service, via the smartsheet link below. Whether it’s a stay, an activity, or an experience, your contribution can play an important role in our efforts to promote Tipperary and its best experiences, including yours.

No overly restrictive offers: It’s important to note that while all prizes offered to winners are subject to their availability with you, we cannot accept offers that come with overly restrictive conditions. We aim to create a fair and enjoyable experience for prize winners, and onerous conditions go against the spirit of the program. By ensuring your prize is accessible and appealing, you’ll contribute significantly to promoting the diverse and inviting nature of Tipperary, benefiting both the recipients and your business.



Terms and Conditions Associated with Providing Prizes

Free of Charge for Promotional Use: All prizes provided to Tipperary Tourism should be offered free of charge. These will be used exclusively for promotional activities aimed at boosting tourism and visibility for both Tipperary and you as the prize provider.

Agreement with Prize Providers: Tipperary Tourism will always seek consent from the prize provider before offering the prize to any media channel, ensuring that the provider is comfortable with the terms of the promotion.

Quality of Holiday Prizes: Serviced Accommodation: Prizes should include a minimum of a two-night break, bed and breakfast, and then ideally dinner on one evening, if possible, in accommodations rated 3-star or higher. This ensures a standard of quality and comfort. Note that some media outlets may request prizes from 4-star or higher establishments. Breaks are always subject to availability and exclude Bank Holidays. They should not be restricted to days of the week. Self-Catering Accommodation: Offers should be for stays between 3 to 7 nights, accommodating a family or group of 4 or more, in a minimum of 3-star accommodation. As with serviced accommodation, certain media might require a 4-star rating or above.

Enhancements and Extras: Adding additional features or third-party extras to holiday prizes is encouraged but not essential. This could include local experiences or special services that enhance the overall attractiveness of the prize. However, take care that these extras don’t limit who the prize might appeal to or restrict the time of year or time of week the prize can be availed of.

Responsibility for Honouring Prizes: The responsibility of fulfilling the prize rests with the business that submits it, which is typically an accommodation provider. This ensures clarity and accountability.

Regulatory Approval: All products or extras included in the prize must be approved by Fáilte Ireland or other appropriate regulatory authorities to ensure they meet established standards.

Authorisation and Responsibility: The entity providing the prize must be authorised to do so and assumes full responsibility for the prize’s validity and the accuracy of its description.

Acceptance and Usage Rights: Tipperary Tourism retains the discretion to accept or reject any holiday prize and decide on its usage, based on suitability and other promotional considerations.

No Guarantee of Use: Offering a prize to Tipperary Tourism does not guarantee its use in promotional activities. Placement depends on various factors, including opportunity, suitability and promotional needs.

Honouring Prizes: Once a prize winner complies with all terms and conditions, including validity dates, the prize must be honoured in full by the provider.

Prize-specific Conditions: Providers may add specific conditions to their prizes, but these should be fair and not be overly restrictive or burdensome for the winner.

Validity Dates: The validity dates for prizes should be reasonable and set for a future period, allowing ample time for winners to avail themselves of the prize, typically before a specified date e.g. within 12 months of winning the prize or other specified timeline.

Description and Editing: Tipperary Tourism will provide media outlets with a description of the prize and the business. This information can be provided by the prize provider and may be edited for clarity, brevity, or stylistic consistency. The channel promoting the prize may also edit the information to suit their formats.

Information Accuracy: Providers must ensure that the information supplied to Tipperary Tourism is clear, complete, and accurately reflects both the prize and the business. This is crucial for maintaining transparency and trust.

Voucher Letter Requirement: Upon the prize being won, the provider is required to issue a voucher letter to Tipperary Tourism, which will then be provided to the prize winner. This formalises the prize allocation and ensures a smooth handover process. In some cases, Tipperary Tourism may put the prize winner in direct contact with the prize provider and agree on this in advance of direct contact.