I’m Visiting

Tell me about Tipperary (or Tipp, as it’s known throughout Ireland)? It’s an escape and an experience all at once. One of Ireland’s most famous regions, you’ll be assured of a big welcome and a chance to experience the best that Ireland has to offer. Unexplored walking trails are just miles from world-famous historical sites. And a good variety of accommodation lies just minutes from spectacular scenery.

We can guarantee there’s something for everyone. Walk through unspoilt hillsides and visit country pubs and cafés. Go to some of Ireland’s quirkiest festivals or play golf on challenging courses. Why not take in a day at the races – Tipperary has a reputation for breeding some of the finest horses in Ireland.

A haven for heritage, Tipperary boasts some of Ireland’s most famous historical monuments and castles. You can immerse yourself in the mythology and history of our glens and vales or choose one of our walking trails where the scenery will leave you breathless. A tour of the Shannon Region will get all those interested in water sports and angling really going.

The Tipperary Guidebook for 2014 will help you plan your holiday with listings for where to stay, places to go, things to do and much more.

Many of the destinations and activities listed in the 'I'm visiting' section can be downloaded to Garmin or TomTom SAT NAV systems by logging onto  http://shannondevelopment.ie/Tourism/NorthTipperarySatNavProject/