Bianconi Loop - Aherlow

This loop is one of a series developed at two trailheads in the glen (Christ the King Statue and Lisvarrinane).

Bianconi Loop - Aherlow

Bianconi Loop

Bianconi Loop is one of a series developed at two trailheads in the glen (Christ the King Statue and Lisvarrinane).

A-B. From the mapboard in the green area at Christ the King statue follow downhill to enter the Nature Park. This loop is marked with light blue arrows but overlaps with two other loops (green and purple arrows) and the long-distance Ballyhoura Way which is marked with the familiar yellow walking man and arrows.
Descend wooden steps and over a footbridge and shortly afterwards you reach a Y-junction. Veer left here and follow the woodland trail for approximately 1km to reach a wooden stile.
Exiting the stile the green loop turns right but you turn left here.

B-C. You are now on a more substantial forestry track. Descend for 300m to reach a four-track junction where you turn right.

C-D. Stay on this forestry track for 800m to exit at a surfaced road just uphill from the Aherlow House Hotel. The longer purple loop and yellow Ballyhoura Way both turn left here but you turn right.

D-E. About 300m along the tarred road the purple loop joins from the left and you continue for a short period before turning right and re-entering forestry. Following woodland trails you rejoin the green loop at a small stile where you turn left.

E-A. Follow this woodland trail for over 1km to reach a 3-way junction where you rejoin the outward route. Veer left and retrace your steps for 300m to regain the trailhead.

This loop gains its name from Carlo Bianconi, an Italian who lived in Clonmel, and who set up the famous Bianconi coaches for both mail and passenger services throughout Ireland. Some of the coaches travelled the Old Coach Road between the Glen of Aherlow and Tipperary Town and the loop includes a short section of this road.

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